Pop Yo Collar!! The Sporty Pets Golf shirts have a soft collar to make sure that our little four legged friends are always comfortable...

You can also Pop the Golf T's collar up to give your doggy that cool edge.

Why Tumi? Simply because he is a cute and cheeky little pup that just wants to have fun like most of our pets. Tumi also speaks to the playful and naughty side in all of us..

The New Sporty Pets Golf T's (shirts) range is now available..

You can choose from three vibrant colours and every pet golf shirt has "Tumi" & the Sporty Pets logo embroidered onto them. Click on a Golf T to see a bigger picture or carry on reading to find out more about this range.

The Material: All of the the dog golf shirts are made from high quality la coste material, so that you get that quality look & feel. Not only is this material fresh & fashionable, but it is also durable, making sure your pup keeps looking good all summer long.






Want to see the different colors available in the Sporty Pets Golf Shirts range? Click on your preferred golf ball color.